July 28, 2014

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Meth lab sends one to hospital PDF Print E-mail
Written by Amelia Carlson   
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:28 AM

On Monday, April 22, just after 9 a.m., an incident involving a methamphetamine (meth)lab sent one Hardeman County resident to the hospital.
Police were alerted to suspicious drug activity at Traveler’s Inn room 205 in Bolivar by hotel staff.
“Shortly after we got a call of some suspicious activity, there was an ambulance dispatched to the hotel,” said Patrick Baker, Bolivar Police Chief. “The ambulance arrived and they went in and got him out and after they got him out then we (police) went in and found what we call a ‘shake and bake’ meth lab.”
    Bryan Adams of Middleton was sent to the hospital after having a meth lab in his hotel room at Traveler’s Inn.
Brian Adams, 27, of Middleton, was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is facing charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. Adams has previous charges of possession of a controlled substance in 2010, violation of probation in 2011 and shoplifting in 2012.
“When I saw his name on the list of guests, I recognized his name because I knew him and knew he had been in trouble before,” said Wanda Graham, manager of Traveler’s Inn. “I called up there and told him that I didn’t allow any mess in the hotel and he said ‘oh no ma’am. I’m clean. I’ve been to rehab and everything and I’m clean’.”
Graham said the room was rented by Adams’ mother for four days. Adams checked into the hotel last Sunday afternoon.
“His mother had called him this morning and the phone was busy,” said Graham. “She had tried several times and the phone was busy, so I thought ‘he’s knocked that phone off the hook’. I went up there and opened the door and that’s when I found him on the floor.”
Graham said the scene inside the room was a mess and there were needles all over the room. She contacted law enforcement immediately.
She said she had previously questioned why Graham was renting the room at the hotel.
“When I see a room rented by someone locally I always question why they need a room,” said Graham. “His mother had told me she was renting it for him because he had got a job with a guy and they were working in Bolivar. The man he was working for was going to pick him up every day but Pictured (l to r) are Billy Davis, Chris Bell and Wesly Jackson.couldn’t go pick him up in Middleton.”
The incident at Traveler’s Inn is the first of the type at the hotel. Graham said the only incidents that occasionally may occur are those relating to a domestic disturbance but no drug related incidents have ever occurred at theBilly Davis, Hardeman County Chief Deputy, worked in the contaminated room to log evidence and process the scene for investigators. hotel until this incident.
“It really hurts,” said Graham. “It hurts business, too. I’m not the owner of this business, but I’ve been here nine years, so I feel like it’s mine.”
Billy Davis, Hardeman County Chief Deputy, said the meth labs are becoming less popular in the county.
“The number of meth labs in the county is decreasing,” said Davis. “It’s morphine now that is becoming big, but meth labs are on the decline.”
Law enforcement evacuated the remaining residents of the hotel. According to Graham, only one room was occupied at the time. The other remaining rooms that had guests in them were empty because the guests were out doing business or turkey hunting.
Baker said the response to the incident was a collaboration of teamwork between the Bolivar Police Department and the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department.
“Our drug investigator was working another case in another county so I called Billy with the Sheriff’s Department and asked for his assistance. Billy has training in handling meth, so he agreed to come help us with it,” said Baker. “It’s a great example how both agencies work together to keep our citizens safe.”


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